Sector9 DayZ Server Information

Below you’ll find an up-to-date list of mods our server currently runs, these mods are completely free to download via the DZSA Launcher, once downloaded they’re ready to use on our server.

Mod List P1Mod List P2Mod List P3
No Shoe DamageServer_Information_Paneldbo_surfaces_bliss
Sector 9 ModPackSQUAD MSF-CDbo_surfaces
Community-Online-ToolsPSR2_NewZombie_PackCode Lock
Cabin_ModKillFeedBase Furniture Mods 2.0
DayZ=Expansion-ChatInventoryPlusPlusBase Fortifications
WeaponReduxPackGoreZBetter Inspect
VanillaPlusPlusMapFIDOv PACK 4BetterSuppressors
Unlimited StaminaEar-PlugsBaseBuildingPlus
Much Stuff PackDayZ Navigation

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Special Zones: Skalisty Island

Skalisty Island is a toxic/nuclear zone, with HUGE clouds of toxic mist, connected it with a bridge from the mainland. We have cranked up the number of zombies on the island to a level of shear horror, as well as a high number of wolf spawns. There is no safe zone on the island but there are traders buying human remains & canibus, the most powerful weapons and ammo also spawn on the island. What you get is a heart pounding experience in a very scary, but fun and challenging area where you have to go if you want good gear to advance in the game. You can only survive the toxic area with special NBC gear that is sold at the trader, consisting of 5 or 6 pieces (all 3,500 rubles each). The toxic mist will slowly deteriorate your NBC gear, thus putting a harsh limit on your time to loot the area! If your gear got damaged, you would get sick and would quickly die. Sounds scary, right? That’s because it is…there’s a 60% chance you’ll die there with all your money and gear. Are you up for the challenge?