Sector9 DayZ Rules

Sector 9 offers 4 safe zone traders located inland, a high level toxic zone on Skalisty Island (a black-market trader for rare/expensive loot is located here in a safezone) and a player run trader called The Lodge also located inland.

-The The Lodge is not safe zone, but protected by security to
ensure survivors can conduct business in a safe place.
-The Lodge-Offers fishing amenities as well as cabins for rent.
Increased selling price options for fish and pelts (please see
#the-lodge-rules for more detailed information on pelt traders
and monthly prices for tier 1 & 2 memberships).

Every player on Sector 9 has a responsibility to know the rules, they are as follows…

1. No discrimination of age, race, or sexuality! This community is for anyone and everyone. Derogatory in game names are not allowed whatsoever.

  • Racism will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.
  • No hints at racism, using similar words (even if it ends with an a), or pushing the boundaries. If this type of behavior is happening in global chat during game play send the admins a screenshot if possible.
  • Homophobic language will not be tolerated.
  • Sexism will not be tolerated.
  • Harassment of other players or staff will result in a ban. If you’re asked to stop, then STOP!
  • No death threats EVER for any reason, not even in a joking manner.
  • Keep the toxic level low in game, nobody wants to see it or hear it. This is a PvP server so trash talking is allowed to some extent.

2. Do what the RED MESSAGES tell you to do, they are IN-GAME for a reason (these messages pop up in the bottom left hand corner of the screen when you are in-game).

3. No Hacking, Cheating, Glitching, Duping, Exploiting, Proxy, VPN, DOXING, or DDOS. We do not tolerate any form of bug abuse or exploits either from the base game or the mods we use. Any form of the actions listed above will result in removal from the community (see #base-raiding-rules for exceptions).

4. Do not camp player spawn points. Once you spawn either move away and play or suicide for another spawn point. New spawns can be recognized by their Sector 9 clothing. No Bambi killing!

5. Stream sniping of any kind will result in a ban. Even if the streamer is ok with stream sniping you can still be banned.

6. Do not combat log (log out to save your ass while in a gun fight). You need to wait at least 10 minutes after shooting or being fired upon to log out. Player client crashes do happen. If this is the case, you need to log back in ASAP and make a support ticket in discord to avoid a ban.

7. Ban length is entirely discretionary and up to the staff member handling the situation.

8. Do not ban evade by using another account, we will find you.

9. We enjoy having clans on this server so please DO NOT take a clan’s tag if you are not a part of their clan.

10. Anything in debug (beyond the server’s map borders) will be deleted.

11. Admins do not help with car issues of any kind; cars are used at your own risk.

12. Do not accuse others without proof. If there is no video evidence provided, the admins will not be able to act against the accused. The game logs do not record everything.
-If you have a Nvidia Gaming Card you can hit ALT+Z to pull up GeForce Experience. Keep your instant replay on and locate the recording in your video folder. You can locate the video destination folder by going into GeForce Experience (ATL+Z)> Settings (gear icon)> Recordings.
-If you do not have a Nvidia Gaming Card, there are other software options available for free. Here is an example.

13. If there is an admin suspected of abuse, DM the server owner Viodugir. Making a false claim in public of players or admins only hurts you and most of the time ends badly.

14. All compensation claims require video proof of what was lost and how the loss occurred. Even if the server crashes. You must make a support ticket for it to be considered.

15. Do not look for loopholes or grey areas in the rules. If you are not sure if it’s allowed or not, don’t do it.

16. Do not post other people’s personal info. Even if it’s an old pic of them, it just makes trouble for yourself. This is DOXING.

17. Do not argue with admins, even if you don’t agree with them.

-Admins are not paid, they put up with a bunch of BS, and do this in their spare time to help the community because they want to, not have to.

-When you argue with an admin it makes it more likely they won’t be willing to help you in the future when you need them and may make you wait for another admin.

18. Do not ask admins for special treatment or try to take advantage of them. Asking for special treatment gives them the right to strip your gear or toss you 1k up in the air if they wish.

19. Disrupting or hindering organized server events is prohibited.

20. Switching channels in Discord to collect intel on another player for purposes of combat is not allowed.

Above all, the safe zone traders are a place where people can gather and relax. Use common sense and be courteous to your fellow survivors. The rules are as follows…

1. Camping outside the safe zones is prohibited (no trader camping). Trader camping is classified as either waiting for people to come out of the safe zones, following people out of the safe zones, or baiting people out of the safe zones.

2. Stealing of any kind is prohibited in all trader areas. DO NOT take parts off vehicles or take items out of a vehicle’s inventory if it doesn’t belong to you. If a player has dropped items on the ground, do not pick up those items without asking if they are still using them or intend to keep them. This should go without saying.

3. Do not run back and forth into a safe zone to escape or engage in a firefight.
-If already in route WITHIN 150m before being fired upon you may enter without punishment.
-Anything beyond 150m will be considered combat evading.

4. No cutting trees down in trader safe zones.
-Safe zones are not for looting/gathering building supplies.

5. Fireplaces ARE allowed in traders, but DO NOT place them in the area where cars need to spawn. If you aren’t sure where the car will spawn don’t place the fireplace at all.

6. Garden plots are absolutely prohibited in trader areas unless placed by an admin for the actual purpose of growing food for all players.

7. Do not build in any trader/safe zone.
-This includes garden plots, pitching tents, underground stashes, etc.
-Building inside of the trade zone is a minimum ban of 2 weeks depending on
-Repeat offenders will be permanently banned.

8. If you have been AFK for more than 15 minutes in a safe zone/trader and the server is getting close to capacity you will be kicked. We love you and are glad you want to be a part of the server, but this helps to keep players moving and helps the players that are in queue get in easier and quicker.

9. Do not block players from accessing traders (standing in front of the trader where others can’t access).

10. Do not block off safe zone trader roads, entrances, or vehicle spawn points with vehicles or other items.
Move your vehicle as soon as you buy it, or it will be deleted.

11. Do not use grenades in safe zones. You will get a nasty surprise if an admin catches you doing this.

12. Do not be annoying in the safe zone. Megaphones and music can be fun, but to a limited extent. Use common sense and be aware of social cues if others are getting agitated by the noise.
13. Do not shoot into a safe zone, no exceptions, even if you’re in a firefight or hunting, know your target and what lies beyond it.

1. Do not build within 1000m of safe zones/traders. Do not build within 800m of The Lodge.

2. See below for a list of all military zones and distances. We will be checking these. If something is built too close it may be deleted without warning.

3.Exclude Prison Island, Skalisty Island and their bridges all together. Do not build within 300m of the bridge leading to either island.

4. The players are responsible for knowing the distance, surroundings and rules. Bases and tents breaking this rule can be deleted without warning. There are no exceptions, so don’t get sassy with an admin if this happens.

5. A Base is considered an undivided walled-off location with a
locked gate.
– Just a tent or cabin does NOT count as a base.
– Satellite structures or tents outside the main base wall
don’t count as part of the base.

6. Your base must have at least one point of entry. This means you must not have to use any type of disassembly to enter or leave your base.

7. If your base has a view of player spawn points, wall it off so you cannot view it. If you are caught shooting into a spawn point at a Bambi this will result in a ban or base deletion. No exceptions.

8. It is the players responsibility to ensure their base cannot be exploited. If you allow entrances other than a code locked door, we cannot enforce your lack of competence when building a closed off base.

9. Groups are only allowed ONE large base, smaller out posts are permitted. An outpost would be considered no larger than a regular sized building.

10. Do Not Build In Police Stations!

11. You CAN NOT build on or block a trail/road. You CAN NOT build on or block dams, railroads (fences, hedgehogs, dragon teeth, etc..).

12. You CAN NOT wall off an entire town for a base location

13. It’s important to REGISTER YOUR BASE location (and your outpost if you build one) with an admin in Discord using the ticket system under #staff-support (CLICK THE LITTLE ENVELOPE CIRCLED IN BLUE. GO BACK TO THE STAFF SUPPORT TAB WHERE YOUR TICKET HAS BEEN CREATED (i.e #ticket-0101) AND SHARE A SCREEN SHOT OF THE MAP WITH YOUR BASE LOCATION MARKER. This picture must be clear and easy to view. Only admins can see this. We use base registration as a way to keep up with active/abandon bases in an attempt to keep lag down on the server. If a base has been deemed inactive or not registered, it can be deleted without warning.

500 Meter Build Bubble

  • Tisy Military Base
  • Troitskoe Military Base
  • Tikhiyzaliv Military
  • Prison Island Military
  • Balota Airstrip
  • Pavlovo Military Base
  • Zelenogorsk Military
  • Staroye Military
  • Myshkino Military
  • VMC Military Base
  • Stary Sobor Tents
  • Northwest Airfield
  • Bashnya Military
  • Krasnostav Airstrip
  • Chernogorsk Military
  • Electrozavodsk Military
  • Topolka Military
  • Sosnovy Military
  • Berezino Military
  • Gorka Military
  • Tri Kresta Military
  • Novy Lug Military
  • Turovo Military
  • Ostry Military
  • Arsenovo Military
  • Severograd Military
  • Zaprudnoye Military
  • Grozvy Military
  • Kamensk Military

The Lodge is 800M build bubble

  1. Offline raiding will come into effect on May 1st. Several rules and guidelines will still apply to offline raiding. If you are found breaching the rules or guidelines listed below, this can result in a ban.


  1. You CAN NOT take over someone’s base or put a code lock on someone’s base after cutting off their lock. Build your own!
  2. Raiders can remove vehicles, tents, food, storage items, weapons, ammo, and electronics from the base. 
  3. It is NOT allowed to remove tools or building materials.
  4. Raiders are NOT allowed to leave items on the ground to despawn. This includes camo netting! You can only take what you can carry, PERIOD. Any items not being taken are to be left in a storage item. 
  5. Raiders can remove walls/gates in order to create an exit or entrance, BUT excessive removal of walls or other base structures is prohibited.


  1. Raiders are NOT allowed to stack items in the air to get over a wall/fence, gain a height advantage or boost into a base (i.e. fireplaces, hardiggs or tires, etc). Raiders may however PLACE AN ITEM ON THE GROUND to jump on or player stack to get in. You are NOT permitted to use ANY ITEMS to keep stacking or boost higher.

1.The Lodge is not a safe zone, if you have an issue with another player don’t bring your battle here. This is our home and we will do what is necessary to protect it.

2. Once you purchase a membership you will receive an armband and a gate/door code (gold or white depending on your membership status).

3.The armbands are not to be shared with fellow team members. We will be keeping track of those who have purchased memberships and what armbands they should have. You may however sell pelts for your fellow team members; they just won’t have access to The Lodge or it’s amenities.

4. You are not allowed to give your own armband to anyone for any reason. This to avoid people working the system to gain access without purchasing a membership.

5. The hunting armbands are only good inside The Lodge. If you kill another player who has an armband their membership WILL NOT be transferable to you. FOR ALL MEMBERS… KEEP YOUR ARMBAND ON YOU AT ALL TIMES! THESE WILL DESPAWN WHEN NOT ON YOUR PERSON. If you die and can’t get it back, we will give you a new one.

6. Door and Gate Codes: When membership is purchased you will be given a code to the front gate for Tier 1 membership. For Tier 2, you will be given the front gate code as well as the Tier 2 door code.

-THIS IS A PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT! If a member has been caught giving out their code their membership will be revoked immediately. If anyone comes in and destroys any of our property all codes will be changed, and code access will not be given out ever again.

-Don’t be that person that messes up a good thing for everyone. If everyone respects the armband/code systems and The Lodge property everyone will be happy.

7. Guns must always be put away. Security members and the Owners are the only exception.

8. No ghillie suits. Armbands must always be clearly visible.

9. NO LITTERING!!! If you have items you don’t want, don’t leave them on the ground. Either put the items in your inventory or throw them in the water.


11. CLOSE ALL DOORS AND GATES BEHIND YOU! Even while inside The Lodge. If you are Tier 2, keep in mind that there might be Tier 1 members inside as well.

12. Guests- If you are new to the server and would like to take a tour of The Lodge, the Owners or Security Team are happy to show you around so you can check it out.

13. If a hostile situation is occurring while you’re in The Lodge and you are not directly involved, DO NOT take it upon yourself to get involved or interfere in any way. The Security members will handle it.

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