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Welcome to Sector 9! If you are looking for a server with a tight-knit community and some PvP action you’ve come to the right place! Our server host plays styles of every kind. Although the server is PvP, we welcome PVErs and role-playing is highly encouraged.

Sector 9 DayZ was started back in July 2019, it started as a community project to create a space for players to be able to have fun, interact with new people and make new friends. As people come and go, those who wanted to be part of the community we are building have stayed, and now are cemented figures within the community. As the community has grown, it’s shown the importance of the interactions people have both in and out of the game, as people have made friends online which then form friendships in the real world too! Our main goal is to provide a fun environment for all types of people and be able to provide a high level of support from the staff team for any issues that may come up.

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